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Find out how you can stay independent for longer with wet AMD

Hear from Pat, Judith and Liz as they share the tips and tricks that help them maintain their independence with vision loss.


Pat shares how small changes in the home and the support of technology are helping him live more independently with wet AMD. 



Find out how Liz has adapted to the changes that living with wet AMD can bring - including how ballet has helped with her balance.


Hear how Judith has created an environment that allows her to continue to live an independent life with wet AMD.

Healthy living and your vision

Take charge of your eye health through healthy behaviours

Lifestyle changes you can make today can have a positive effect on your health overall, your eye health, and help you maintain your independence for longer.

Household 'hacks': Five tips to help you stay independent at home

Simple changes could make big differences at home

Navigating your home can become challenging because of vision loss. From using contrasting colours to adding lighting, learn what adaptations you can make to ensure you can continue to enjoy your home and live independently.

Building a support network

Support networks can help you navigate life with vision impairment

You can find comfort, control and independence in planning for ways to best live with vision loss. For many people, this starts with building or expanding a support network.

Tips for optimising lighting in your home

Continue to carry out daily activities safely and independently

If you're living with AMD, your need for good lighting will be increased and you may start experiencing heightened sensitivity to glare. There are a number of ways you can improve lighting in your home to help you carry out daily activities safely, and with more confidence. Read on to find out more.

Tips for stress-free shopping

Make shopping experiences more enjoyable

AMD can have a major impact on a person's life and confidence in carrying out daily activities like shopping. While living with changing vision can sometimes feel limiting, there are ways in which you can actively learn to manage everyday tasks with vision loss. Here are five simple tips for more stress-free shopping experiences.

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