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Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, can have a major impact on a person’s life and confidence in carrying out daily activities like shopping. While living with changing vision can sometimes feel limiting, there are ways in which you can actively learn to manage everyday tasks with vision loss. Through small daily adjustments, you can maintain your confidence and remain independent for longer.

Below, we have outlined four tips for a more stress-free shopping experience.

Visit your local shop
When possible, visit shops near your home that you are used to travelling to and shopping in. The familiarity will give you confidence in moving around the shop, and, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can also inform the staff about your vision loss so they know to support you when you visit.

Order your groceries online
Ordering online is a great option during this time of social distancing, and especially useful for longer-life shelf items such as rice, pasta and canned food that can be bought in bigger batches. Online sites sometimes have the option for the words to be read aloud and they can often be used with a screen reader, an assistive technology that interprets text and images on the screen to audio. If you experience difficulty using a screen reader, ask a friend or a caregiver to help you navigate the website. Look to set up a ‘Favourites’ list of items you frequently purchase and have your groceries delivered to your door on a weekly basis.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Navigating public transport and moving around public spaces with vision loss can sometimes feel daunting. While arranging shopping trips with a friend or a neighbour may not be possible during this exceptional time, they may be able to help some other way, such as picking up groceries for you when they do their own weekly shop, or arranging online deliveries. Speak to those close to you to see how they might be able to support.

Organise your wallet or purse
Get a wallet or purse that has multiple pockets for your cards, and always keep them in the same sections so you’ll know roughly where they are. Keep your frequently used bank and loyalty cards in the most accessible top rows and, when possible, favour paying by card as counting notes and coins can become more difficult as your vision changes.

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