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Hospitals and eye clinics across the country are following a range of safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep you safe during your appointment. From social distancing to reducing the number of people visiting a clinic at any one time, measures are in place to give you confidence that you’ll receive treatment in a safe environment. It is also important to make the most of the time you get with your eye care team, so take this quick questionnaire and download your appointment guide.

Robin Hamilton, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Macular Society Trustee said:

"People should come forward for their checks and treatment when called to do so"

“Treatment is vital to slowing the progression of wet AMD and to help people living with the condition to maintain as much vision as possible, so whether it’s for emergency advice, monitoring or treatment, it’s important to attend all essential eye appointments and I want to assure patients that measures have been implemented to ensure our clinics are safe, so people should come forward for their checks and treatment when called to do so.

“I would encourage people living with AMD and their carers to make use of resources such as those featured on the See What’s Next website to help them with day-to-day living and how to monitor any changes in vision from home.” 

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Here are a few tips for attending your next appointment[i],[ii]:

  • Wear a face mask to your appointment and unless instructed otherwise, keep your mask on the entire time you are in the clinic.
  • Practise social distancing in the waiting areas. You may be asked to wait outside, or in your car, instead of in the normal waiting room, until just before your appointment time. Ask your clinic before your appointment for more information about waiting areas. 
  • Sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the clinic – there may be hand sanitiser available for you to use, but you can also use your own. 
  • If you need someone to accompany you to the appointment, ask your clinic in advance if this would be okay.
  • Consider asking for a telephone appointment with your eye care team to discuss any questions you have about your wet AMD. This will help minimise the time you need to spend in the clinic.

If you, or anyone you live with, starts to experience symptoms or think you have COVID-19, it is important that you do not go to your appointment. Call your eye clinic to rearrange your appointment.

For more information on preparing for your appointment and techniques on remaining calm prior to, during and after your appointments, read more here.

Additionally, if you have any worries or would like to speak to someone, you can call the Macular Society Advice and Information Service Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0300 3030 111 or email [email protected]

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